Intelligent Audio Collaboration

Managing music projects is hard - we've solved it.

Intelligent Audio Collaboration

Managing music projects is hard - we've solved it.

You Could Work Smarter

Before Bounce Boss customers were wasting 45 minutes or more per project

Lots of browser windows

Before Bounce Boss

  • Impossible to accurately compare between different versions
  • Difficult to explain what changes are needed
  • Challenging to match comment to correct file and track progress
Lots of browser windows

With Bounce Boss

  • Jump seamlessly between level matched tracks
  • Communicate effectively with clickable timestamps and loops
  • Keep track of all comments and files in one place to ensure progress

How It Works

  • In A Nutshell
  • Send Audio Files
  • Seamless Comparison
  • Make Better Decisions
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Manage Permissions
  • Monitor Progress

Bounce Boss enables people to collaborate intelligently so they can focus their energy on progress and be more successful. It does this by simplifying the organization of collaborations and providing powerful features to help ensure positive progress.

More Reasons To Love Bounce Boss

  • Unlimited Users

    You can use Bounce Boss with anyone - they don't need a paid account.

  • Safe & Secure

    Only email addresses that you invite to the project can access your files.

  • Instantly Intuitive

    So easy to use that your collaborators will jump straight in without hesitation.

What Our Customers Say

Picture of Nick Gatfield
I’m a huge advocate of Bounce Boss and recommend to everyone in my circle. Being able to jump between level-matched versions and add time-stamped comments makes my team super efficient.
Nick Gatfield

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